Our Mission

Empowering dyslexic students to thrive.

Our Teachers

Our classroom teachers, trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach, apply its tenets in every facet of their teaching. The teachers, with an enormous fund of knowledge and experience, know best how to approach the instruction of each child in the school community. Moreover, the faculty of Sage School does not limit their teaching to academics. The social and emotional growth of each child affects his or her success in our school community and in the world at large. We know our students well: they thrive in an environment where the rules are explicitly stated, where the boundaries are clearly set, and where discipline is consistent and fair. Nevertheless, each situation is handled on an individual basis because our students are, indeed, individuals with personalities, backgrounds, and learning styles unique unto them.

Our Vision

Sage School provides a non-traditional educational environment where children are encouraged to dare to be great. Students flourish in an atmosphere that treats each child as unique and provides individualized instruction.


Sage School is accredited by GAC (Georgia Accreditating Commission).