Sage School Medicine Release

In certain circumstances, Sage personnel will administer medications, prescriptions, and over the counter medication to students. Sage DOES NOT have a nurse on staff. The feasibility of daily medication administration will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If possible, we prefer all medication to be given at home. To ensure the safety of all students at our school, the following guidelines should be followed when any medications are sent to school.

  1. All medication, prescription and nonprescription, must be given directly to school administration for safe storage.
  2. All medications, prescription and nonprescription, must be accompanied by this form.
  3. All medications must be in the original container. Prescription medications must be in the labeled prescription bottle or bag.
  4. Medications stored in envelopes, baggies, etc will not be administered.
  5. Sage School staff cannot give breathing treatments.

*Please complete this form for EACH medication that is to be administered.

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