“My daughter entered Sage 2 grade levels below where she should have been, after 2 years she exited into her current mainstream private school, and has been on the honor roll every semester since.”

- Mother of Current High Schooler

“Sage was the best decision we made for our son. He worked hard while he was at Sage, and now is thriving and making all A’s and B’s”

- Father of Current High Schooler

“I got my child back. We enjoy evenings together because her homework makes sense. The tears have gone away, and she is reading. So pleased!”

- Current Parent

“Sage makes me comfortable and I love the teachers and friends I have made!”

- Current Student

“Sage gave me so many things that have allowed me to thrive at my current rigorous college preparatory school. It helped me make sense of reading and writing, and gave me an environment I felt comfortable. I gained the confidence to ask questions in class and advocate for myself. I understand how to study smarter which allows me to have time for the things I love outside of class.”

- Current High Schooler

“Our daughter’s years at Sage gave her not only the tools to be a successful reader and writer but the understanding that her way of learning was shared by other smart, fun, and creative kids. She is now in middle school achieving above average in many subjects. Sage gave her and us the realization of a bright future.”

- Current Parent

“Our daughter’s confidence is back and she loves school again!”

- Current Sage School Parent

“We were desperate to get help for our daughter. We are so thankful to have found Sage school. It has forever changed her. She can read now and has gained so much confidence.”

- Parent of Current Middle Schooler

We joined the Sage School in January 2021 when my daughter was in 2nd grade. We had just completed a semester of virtual learning and I could tell things were not quite clicking for her in a few areas. School and homework became a battle with many tears shed and frustrations high each day. Dyslexia was always in the back of my mind and a diagnosis confirmed this was the case for our daughter. After our first meeting with Sage, I knew this was where we were meant to be in our journey. We immediately felt heard by the leaders and teachers. It was incredible to see progress – not to mention her confidence soar – in even those first few months at Sage. The teachers, staff, and leadership team at the school are top-notch. I am incredibly thankful for everything they pour into our daughter and our family each day. The amount of progress she has made to this point is phenomenal and I can exhale knowing she is going to not just be ok in her learning journey, but thrive all thanks to Sage!

- Parent of Second Grader

I have been teaching and tutoring for almost 20 years. From my very first year in the classroom, I have been drawn to students who struggle academically. To work with dyslexic children every day feels like coming home for me personally. The culture at Sage is the best that I have ever worked in.  I feel fully supported by my fellow teachers and by the administration. The heart of our mission is to see the special qualities, gifts, and strengths in each student while providing remediation in areas of struggle. I love teaching small classes in a Christian environment. Sage School is a very special place!

- Karen Brim, Teacher

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