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Get ready for Camp Ignite!

Each day at Camp Ignite will empower your child to flex their creative mind while reviewing core skills needed to be successful in the upcoming school year.

Camp Ignite is perfect for dyslexic and traditional learners alike. This camp is designed to combine creative ventures with exciting learning experiences.

Sage’s Orton-Gillingham trained teachers highlight student’s gifts and talents through STEAM, while also providing foundational reading, spelling, and math instruction.

Students will participate in a multi-sensory approach using Math-U-See to explore and reinforce essential math concepts to support the coming year.

STEAM is a hands-on approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Through STEAM, students develop key skills including: problem-solving, creativity, critical analysis, teamwork, independent thinking, initiative, digital literacy, problem-solving, and leadership. Skills developed by students through STEAM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and prepare them for future endeavors.

Camp Ignite Details:

  • Date: July 19-23rd | 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Subjects: STEAM, Language Arts, Orton-Gillingham Instruction, Math
  • Cost: $600 per student
  • Application Due Date: July 6, 2021

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