Sage School embraces the Orton-Gillingham approach to learning in all academic and enrichment classes.

The O-G Academy has rightfully described this approach as language-based, multisensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. These are the tenants we prescribe for all students.

Bible is the first class of the day and sets the standard for how we interact with each other and identify ourselves. Students learn the love our Savior has for us through Old and New Testament Stories, spending time in prayer and praise, and completing mission projects together. Students grow in love and learn the foundation for our “Sage 7” which are: Act in love, Be honest, Use Self-control, Respect Others, Keep a Positive Attitude, Show Gratitude, and Seek Wisdom.

Our daily academics include Reading, Grammar, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Every academic teacher at Sage uses the frameworks for learning established by the Georgia Standards of Excellency as a guidepost for planning. We are aware of prerequisite skills required to advance our students to an on or above grade level achievement status, which is always the goal. Therefore, teachers deviate from the Georgia Standards of Excellency as needed to provide remediation and acceleration. Students are grouped into low ratio classes by the ability for the Orton-Gillingham tutorial, Language Arts block, and Mathematics class to further focus instruction. These academic instructional groups are based on areas of weakness identified through baseline and periodic assessment to determine learning goals. We employ standardized assessments a minimum of twice a school year to measure progress. These include the GORT, WIST, GMRT, TOWL, and GMADE as well as in-house and informal assessments. Teachers are empowered to use Sage owned curriculum that best correlates to a student’s learning style and academic needs. Therefore, not all curriculums are used with every student.

Our enrichment classes include Bible, STEAM, Drama, Technology & Keyboarding, Library, and Recess. Students attend 2 of these classes daily in addition to multiple trips outside for movement. These classes are vital for the comprehensive education at Sage. They support building confidence and identity, communication and language skills, character development, social and emotional growth, motor skills, as well as cognitive and physical strength. The academic and enrichment classes provide the foundation for our mission which is to embrace and use an Orton-Gillingham approach as we graduate students who define themselves by their strengths, who self-advocate, and fulfill the God-given talents they possess in and out of the classroom to fully understand the love God has for them.

Instructional Times:

  • Bible – 35 minutes daily
  • Reading – 45 minutes daily
  • Writing + Grammar – 45 minutes daily
  • Math – 75 minutes daily
  • Science + Social Studies – 40 minutes daily
  • Orton-Gillingham Tutorial – 45 minutes daily
  • Recess – 35-55 minutes daily
  • Technology – Keyboarding – 35+ minutes weekly
  • STEAM – 35-70 minutes weekly
  • Drama – 35-70 minutes weekly
  • Library – 35 minutes weekly

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