Here’s a breakdown of our 2021-2022 costs:

Tuition and fees are managed by FACTS who partners with Sage School to offer convenient on-line access to establish payment plans, review charges and make payments. FACTS requires that a checking/saving or credit card be linked to each family account. FACTS assess a service fee charge for credit card payments of approximately 3.75%.

Tuition Payment Options


Payment Due Dates

Payment Amount

FACTS Yearly Per Family Set Up Fee

Single Payment Options





Two payments


5/10/2021 & 12/10/2021



Monthly payments


July 2021 - May 2022 on the 10th of each month



Mid year enrollment

Tuition will be calculated from the first day at Sage until the last day of school. Final monthly payments will be due May 10, 2022.

New Student enrollment fee


Returning Student re-enrollment fee before March 1, 2021


Returning Student re-enrollment fee before April 1, 2021


Returning Student re-enrollment fee after April 1, 2021


Sibling enrollment fee


Technology Fee


Please note: Enrollment fees are nonrefundable and do not apply toward tuition.

SB 10 Payment Policy

For Single and Two payment tuition payments: The amount listed on the SB 10 2021/2022 award letter will be applied toward the total tuition balance before the parent payment is made.

For monthly FACT payments: The SB 10 checks will be applied to the FACTS account when they have been endorsed by the parent and deposited by Sage.

If the actual 2021/2022 SB 10 payments are less than 2021/2022 award letter amount, the balance will be due May 10, 2022. If the payments for 2021/2022 are more than the 2021/2022 award letter, a refund will be issued May 31, 2022.

Apogee Policies

Any funds received from Apogee or any other SSO will be applied to the FACTS balance due. If the Apogee payment exceeds the FACTS balance, a refund will be issued. If the family has already paid in full, a refund will be issued.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to determine eligibility and apply for an Apogee Scholarship.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Sage School offers limited financial aid.

Returned Payments and/or Overdue Balances

Sage relies on each partner family to pay student tuition in a timely manner. For returned payments, FACTS charges a $30 NSF fee in addition to charges you may receive from your bank. Sage charges a $25 fee per occurrence on late tuition payments and assesses a 2% per month late fee. Grades. Report cards will not be released until a family’s FACTS account is paid in full.

If neither the payment due nor satisfactory arrangements have been made within 60 school days after the due date, the student may be withdrawn from classes by the school. If this occurs, to re-enroll the full registration processes must be followed. Chronically past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency and all collection fees will be the responsibility of the student’s parents or legal guardians.

Early Withdrawal

Initial acceptance and re-enrollment contracts with Sage School represent a binding agreement between a family and the school for the contract period, which is one school year. Because teacher contracts, school services, curriculum, and supplies are funded and purchased at the beginning of each school year based on student enrollment, honoring the one-year contract period is necessary to ensure the school delivers the services agreed upon after students are enrolled. Prorated tuition for early withdrawal is the exception, and any family who desired to withdraw their student prior to the end of the school year is expected to honor the financial commitment for the one-year contract period. Exceptions are handled on a case by case basis and any requests for prorated tuition must be made in writing to the Head of School. In cases where prorated tuition is awarded, families will be charged a withdrawal fee of $300.