Here’s a breakdown of our 2020-2021 costs:

Tuition Payment Options


Payment Due Dates

Payment Amount

FACTS Yearly Per Family Set Up Fee

Single Payment Options





Two payments


5/10/2021 & 12/10/2020



Monthly payments


July 2020 - May 2021 on the 10th of each month



Mid year enrollment

Tuition will be calculated from the first day at Sage until the last day of school. Final monthly payments will be due May, 2020.

New Student enrollment fee


Returning student re-enrollment fee


Sibling enrollment fee


Enrollment fees are nonrefundable and do not apply toward tuition.

SB 10 Payment Policy

For Single and Two payment tuition payments: The amount listed on the SB 10 2020/2021 award letter will be applied toward the total tuition balance before the parent payment is made.

For monthly FACT payments: The SB 10 checks will be applied to the FACTS account when they have been endorsed by the parent and deposited by Sage.

If the actual 2020/2021 SB 10 payments are less than 2020/2021 award letter amount, the balance will be due May 10, 2021. If the payments for 2020/2021 are more than the 2020/2021 award letter, a refund will be issued May 30, 2021.

Apogee Policies

Any funds received from Apogee or any other SSO will be applied to the FACTS balance due. If the Apogee payment exceeds the FACTS balance, a refund will be issued. If the family has already paid in full, a refund will be issued.

It is the parent/guardian responsibility to determine eligibility and apply for a Apogee Scholarship.