If you’re reading this, chances are you have a child with dyslexia and are wondering what an education at Sage means? It is plain and simple.

At Sage we:

students embracing outdoors on playgroundChange lives: Having a child with dyslexia can be overwhelming, but being a child with dyslexia can be devastating. Daily, Children with dyslexia face tasks that are difficult for them, like reading, writing, and math. Sage provides a strong foundation in the Orton-Gillingham approach that allows your child to face those challenges with confidence and the knowledge that “I can do this”. This sets the stage for the success that truly changes lives well beyond their time at Sage.

Are a family: Many schools see each student as the same. At Sage, we see your child as part of our family and our Sage success stories. We are a warm and nurturing environment of teachers, students, parents, alumni, mentors, and business partners all dedicated to the success of your child.

Do one thing: As the dyslexic founder of Apple, Steve Jobs said, “do one thing and do it well.” At Sage, we do one thing and do it well – we help students with dyslexia thrive. Evidence-based research consistently supports the Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching children with dyslexia. Sage’s teachers are trained through the Orton-Gillingham Academy to work with dyslexic students and they are dedicated to your child’s growth. The low student / teacher ratio allows your child to be in smaller classes where they will become a stronger reader and writer, and build confidence in all subject areas. The immersive Orton-Gillingham approach used in all subject areas creates academic, social, and emotional results that provide success in the years beyond Sage.

Build self-confidence: We understand that difficulties with reading and writing can affect children in many ways. At Sage, one powerful way we build confidence is through our special classes, Drama and STEAM. Drama brings play, laughter, social interaction, and opportunities to practice communication skills to daily learning. STEAM increases creativity, problem-solving, fosters teamwork, and much more. Our students report STEAM and Drama as their favorite classes every year!

We encourage you to get to know us through this website. Take a peek at our student pictures and see what parents are saying about Sage. Ultimately, the website is just that … a website. To truly understand what we do for dyslexic students and their families, come see our students in action. At Sage, our doors are always open.

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